SBNL is a Dutch fund management organisation that uses its returns to improve the biodiversity on (mainly privately owned) estates. The goal of the improvement is always to invest in nature, in order to utilize it in a sustainable way. Think about forestry and/or game management. Since the spring of 2020, SBNL and Koedoe & Co joined forces. Not only by inform each others’ members about the good cause both parties support, but also in terms of sharing network to improve nature.

Did you know for instance, that SBNL can provide you with a completely free advice with regards to improving your (hunting) estate? We can assure you, this will open a completely new world and has huge positive effect on the biodiversity within several years. Might you be interested; we can hook you up!

Although this cooperation is still young, the possibilities are endless, and our DNA’s have huge overlap. We hope to enlighten you with more news about this growing relationship. More info at:

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