Spanish Aragon Mountains ‘Where the wild goats rule’

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Spanish Aragon Mountains ‘Where the wild goats rule’


Where human and predator sometimes have to bail, because of too steep terrain, the Beceite Ibex is best at play.

In the Southern region of the Aragon Mountains, you can find 30.000 hectare connected free range area. Here, the Ibex population has been professionally monitored, managed and utilized for decades.

This destination characterizes by steep, difficult terrains that can be qualified as very challenging for stalking. In order to make sure, no other species is disturbed during the stalk both the physical as the mental can be put to the test here.

The range for placing a possible shot, will range between 50-300 meters, for which (like in every hunting activity) we highly recommend practice on a local range. The better you practice, the luckier you get..

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Per booking we donate parts of the profits to nature funds and foundations who use their revenue for preserving, maintaining and improving the biodiversity, in order to sustainably utilize it.