Australian button fox whistle


With this Australian fox whistle, you will get the foxes within feet, while having  both hands free.

Especially in May and June, this whistle is irresistible for foxes!



The whistle is placed between your teeth and lips, while keeping the hole free. Simply blow air through the hole with short pushes. The loudness of the sound, depends on the strengths of your blow. The sound of an injured rabbit or a kit in absolute distress can be perfectly imitated. You can use your hands as a cup, open and close it changes the sound.

It functions best to start with a loud cry, followed by a fainting cry. Repeat every 3 to 4 minutes. A fox in sight, will mostly approach while you whistle and stop once you stop. If you have no luck for about 20-30 minutes, there probably is no fox home.

However, stay alert, as they will come from far to find out what is going on!

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✓ 2 hands free

✓ Including waxed and adjustable neck-cord

✓ Compact format

✓ Delivered in protection bag

✓ Always within reach

✓ A lovely gift

✓ Proven successful

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