Dutch brand Koedoe & Co launches first ever ‘Shooting-fit’ shirt. 
Just before the opening of the traditional hunting season, Koedoe & Co launches the original ‘Shooting-fit’ shirts.
After extensive testing and measuring, ‘Shooting-fit’ is delicately put together from soft organic cotton that results in extra comfort and flexibility. Due to the extra-long design the shirt does not slip from your pants or breeks when making sudden moves. This avoids your lower-back being exposed to nature.

The connecting story
Entrepreneurs Jochem and Rutger: “in our world of hunting and outdoor living, there are many clothing suppliers. We however discovered, that in this market no one focuses on original and sustainable products while simultaneously solving day-to-day inconveniences. We strongly believe that our target audience gets inspired through the combination of sustainability and practical use. In Dutch we call that “hitting two flies with one strike”.

Contribution to nature and wardrobe efficiency 
The Dutch hunting and outdoor brand Koedoe & Co, designs and produces hunting items, made from biological and/or recycled materials. The unique aspect is that the clothing and accessories are not only suitable for outdoor surroundings, but also for a day at the office or a lazy Sunday with friends.  
“This avoids a double wardrobe and makes it unnecessary to change for hunting, after a day at the office – or the other way around of course!?” A share of the profit is donated to improve and start-up biodiversity projects. Duck-breading baskets and plant-seeds were already part of the companies’ giveaways and all products are shipped in biodegradable wrapping.

By introducing this brand in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Belgium, owners Jochem and Rutger are targeting modern Hunters and outdoors(wo)men, who like to propagate their sustainable lifestyle in a proud but modest manor. Elegance and proudness can be expected from Koedoe & Co. This you can see on the Koedoe & Co Instagram account, where customers from different countries and backgrounds share pictures of themselves wearing Koedoe & Co clothing. Proud, of being part of the rapidly growing Koedoe & Co family.

The Koedoe & Co ‘Shooting-fit’ Shirts can be purchased online via the Koedoe & Co website www.koedoe-co.com and the finest Hunting Stores of the Netherlands. 

Koedoe & Co Casual Hunting shirt shooting fit checkered pheasant pigeon shooting duck hunting
Koedoe & Co Casual Hunting shirt shooting fit

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