Shirts Shooting fit for gentlemen

a hunting shirt for gentlemen, or a shirt for shooting for gentlemen, it is more or less a little bit the same. But, at Koedoe & Co you will find a very special collection of clothing and accessoires. Shooting-fit is a feature that you will find nowhere else and that cannot be compared with anything in the market. You also should know, that at Koedoe & Co, we find it a waste that most of the outdoors clothing for gentlemen and ladies lies around in the closet most of the year. Therefor, we decided to go on a journey and design the best shirts for hunters, huntresses and outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. That brought us to the point to make elegant, exclusieve clothing with an added value that hunters can appreciate. Being able to wear outdoors and casual and contribute to a better biodiversity. The shirts are made from bio cotton and are 7cm longer than normal shirts. This makes sure they don’t ‘slip’ from your breeks or pants when you have to take action while shooting or sitting on a high-seat!

Exclusive gentlemen shirts 

At Koedoe & Co we make elegant hunting gear for every day. All we produce is made from natural and/or recyclede products. Parts of the profit we invest to improve the biodiversity in various ways. That is how we combine the pleasant with the sustainable. 

A question we here a lot is: “Why did you choose the Kudu (or Koedoe in Dutch and Afrikaans) as your brand identity?” Well, for us, The Kudu (or Koedoe in Dutch and Afrikaans), is the most majestic biungulate animal on the planet. That’s the main reason it was selected as the brand recognition of Koedoe & Co. With great care, we select and offer elegant casual hunting gear for every day. Parts of the profits we contribute to a better biodiversity in order to utilize it. Our leather ware is unique and our clothing is fitted with a modest, nicely detailed breast embroidery of a hunter or huntress. So that real connoisseurs, with an eye for detail recognize your background and sophisticated taste!Voor ons is de Koedoe (Kudu in het Engels), de meest majestueuze evenhoevige van de planeet.

And did you know, that from all entilopes, Kudu calfs have the longest nursing period? The Koedoe represents with care selected, elegant and premium items that connect with the thought: ‘To offer casual hunting gear for every day, that contributes to a better biodiversity’. We are the Koedoe, ‘& Co’ for everyone that contributes at spreading that thought.

You can recognize our clothing with a modest and detailed breast embroidery of real conservationists: a patiently waiting hunter or huntress. By that, real connaisseurs will recognize your eye for detail, your background and your sofisticad, sustainable taste and lifestyle!!


Outdoor shirts  

The hunting clothing, outdoorsclothing, hunting gear and hunting accessories, are exclusively produced and only for Koedoe & Co gemaakt from natural, bio, organic and/or recyclede materials. Even the shipment materials are made of (FSC) paper, recycled plastic and biodegradable plastic. This is how our products have only little pressure on nature. To add to that: parts of the profits we contribute to improve biodiversity. 

In that way we can claim: This stalking sweater, these hunting socks, this pigeon hunting T-shirt or this shooting-fit shirt, contributes to a better biodiversity. 

Our collection exists from: hunting polo’s, hunting sweaters, shooting shirts, t-shirts for hunting, walking or safari and a nice selection of handmade travel bags. Only in classic colors, so that you can wear it in a couple of years as well (when the sustainable product still holds its looks), and still look as new.