Why Koedoe & Co clothing?

The Kudu (Koedoe in Dutch) is intelligent and above all one of the most elegant even-toed ungulates in the world. One, that despite its enormous strength, has a very graceful appearance.

Corresponding to that, Koedoe & Co clothing is designed to dress you both sophisticated and comfortable. Naturally for a Hunt, though Koedoe & Co can also perfectly and discretely be worn in casual situations. See all of our categories: clothing for gentlemen, clothing for ladies and clothing for kids.

Only a real connoisseur will directly recognize your fine taste and personal choice.

This also solves the shameful waste, that most Hunting gear lies around in the closet most of the time, reducing a double wardrobe.

Obviously, Koedoe & Co is produced under very good labor and only made from natural, organic and/or recycled materials. In so doing, we can guarantee a very high wearing comfort and an honest origin.

Logo Koedoe & Co

Furthermore, we donate parts of our profits to a wide range of organizations, that contribute to a better biodiversity.

And because together is better than alone, ‘& Co’ reminds us of anyone who contributes in making Koedoe & Co a success.

Elegant, sustainable and proud – Koedoe & Co