Shooting-fit shirt hunting

Dutch hunting brand Koedoe & Co introduces the original ‘Shooting-fit’ shirts  

Dutch brand Koedoe & Co launches first ever ‘Shooting-fit’ shirt.  Just before the opening of the traditional hunting season, Koedoe & Co launches the original ‘Shooting-fit’ shirts.After extensive testing and measuring, ‘Shooting-fit’ is delicately put together from soft organic cotton that results in extra comfort and flexibility. Due to the extra-long design the shirt does not slip from […]

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Bijenbaas + Koedoe & Co

Bijenbaas, ‘Bee-boss’ in Dutch, is a beekeeper that does it differently. Bijenbaas keeps the bees at the same place in nature, instead of traveling around to fruit growers that sometimes use harmful pesticides. Also, for every honeypot sold they promise to create 1 square meter biodiversity. Well, that is something we like! So this summer, […]

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SBNL and Koedoe & Co

SBNL + Koedoe & Co

SBNL is a Dutch fund management organisation that uses its returns to improve the biodiversity on (mainly privately owned) estates. The goal of the improvement is always to invest in nature, in order to utilize it in a sustainable way. Think about forestry and/or game management. Since the spring of 2020, SBNL and Koedoe & […]

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