The world around us changes at high speed. Everything moves faster, becomes more interactive and more and more we are all disappearing behind screens. Despite all that or maybe thanks to, we also see a completely different movement. From being in a hurry to experience, from consuming to recycling and from disposables to sustainable use.

That is why, at Koedoe & Co, we create elegant, top quality clothing and accessories that can be used for hunting, shooting and on a daily basis.

Koedoe & Co originated, because lot’s of outdoor gear lied around in the closet most of the time. A shame, we reckoned and not really corresponding with the sustainable lifestyle of most hunters, huntresses, outdoors men and -women.

Totally in line with that, we decided to exclusively use organic and/or recycled materials, And also, to donate parts of our profits to good causes that suit those ideals.


Of course we do know that we alone, can not change te entire world. While being two passionate (hunting) and above all socially involved entrepreneurs, we do not take ourselves too seriously.

We are however convinced, that once we all contribute just a little, we are capable of reaching spectacular goals.

That is why, we launched Koedoe & Co. Not just a brand, but a realization of an idea, a wish and maybe the ultimate dream; being active in and with nature on a day to day basis, to improve it step by step.

This way, everyone will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

We wish you an equal amount of fun using our products, like we had developing them!


With natural regards,

Jochem & Rutger